A unique approach to realising improved margins


We understand the complexities of hospitality related procurement. Our approach is unique and relies on sharing data, combining significant purchasing volumes and reviewing distribution arrangements to provide genuine cost savings which immediately deliver a real and positive impact on a bottom line.


We have no desire to bring about radical change to business process out in the field or back at the office. We are about working together to deliver real savings on real products that organisations really buy and we do so by taking a consultative, holistic approach, delivering winning strategies and measuring results.


Members should expect to get what they need: customisation, flexibility and savings. Expect to get access to the best brands and specifically sourced top spend products across multiple categories. Expect useful, detailed online reporting. Expect transparency because we will ensure Members know how much is being saved.

We will be in the background working on your behalf – always.

Upstream sourcing


The concept of collective purchasing is not new. Collective upstream sourcing is. We are committed to developing open and transparent relationships with food and beverage producers, manufacturers and growers. By doing so, every aspect of procurement traceability, efficiency and leverage can be gained from the supply chain.


We have a lot of volume. And it’s almost that simple. Compass Group is our largest Partner and amongst many others, which include British household names, International Airlines, Premier League football clubs and International Hotel Groups. In the US, our model of significant operators sharing the benefit of their pooled volumes to leverage their collective positions at product source is well proven.


Foodbuy is all about an exclusive group of leading foodservice providers working in partnership. We don’t just connect Members with suppliers – we listen; we understand, we plan and then implement agreed programmes and systems that fit with strategies for growth and which deliver better financial outcomes.

One size definitely does not fit all.

Working together to bring about benefit


The solutions we develop first rely on our working together to understand where collaborative opportunities exist and often the first step is to meet informally and to follow up with an opportunity analysis which explores the current position, challenges and visions for the future.

Dynamic benefit

Nothing is imposed. We will agree the way forward including the potential adoption of category program arrangements to drive immediate benefit. Going forward, we continually update the opportunity analysis and any programmes within our sourcing cycle will be made available for adoption if analysis demonstrates it’s sensible to do so and the change fits.

Added value

Finally we understand that distribution arrangements are intrinsic to value and whilst many organisations have already deployed refined delivery networks we believe that by reviewing logistics additional benefit may be derived.

We don’t profess to have all the answers but we know that by working alongside our Members we will deliver efficiencies and significant bottom line improvements.